For Earth Day 2017 a group of Recycled Rain Artists plus a couple of friends/loved ones paired with SOLVE to help recover and replant native plants and grasses along the West Johnson Creek Watershed. The area is maintained by the French American School and is used to educate students in outdoor classrooms. Since recovery began in 2004 they have expanded trails and built outdoor classrooms. On top of that native animals have begun to return including 5 different varieties of woodpecker. 

In March, 2016 a group of Recycled Rain Artists and a few of their friends/loved ones cleaned up Cannon Beach as part of SOLVE'S Great Beach Clean Up. Over 90,000 lbs of trash will be picked up by nearly 4800 volunteers all the way down the Oregon Coast!

 RR 2016 Beach Clean Up Team: Hilary Pfeifer, Karl Kaiser, Sara McCormick, Sara Sjol, Jenn Feeney and Jeremy Okai-Davis.

RR 2016 Beach Clean Up Team: Hilary Pfeifer, Karl Kaiser, Sara McCormick, Sara Sjol, Jenn Feeney and Jeremy Okai-Davis.


Each year Recycled Rain Artists volunteer to donate a portion of their sales to a water-based non-profit. A portion of the sale of all works from RR2016 will be donated to SOLVE to help them continue their mission of environmental stewardship through voluntarism.

RR 2015: SOLVE: As a non-profit SOLVE cleans, restores, educates and involves our community through volunteerism.

RR2014: Human Access Project: The Willamette River belongs to all of us. It’s time for us to collectively reclaim it. To improve its health, provide better access, and transform downtown Portland and the inner-eastside for generations to come. That’s what the Human Access Project (HAP) is all about. Join the riverlution!

RR2013:  Project is donated  funds to Water.org a nonprofit organization that has transformed hundreds of communities in Africa, South Asia, and Central America by providing access to safe water and sanitation.

RR2012: For the First Recycled Rain Show our charity was charity:water. With our donation charity:water was able to provide 13 people with access to clean and safe drinking water!

Raising Awareness

Along with educating our youth with our RAINDROPS Program, The Recycled Rain Project works with various community and environmental non-profits to provide information relating to water issues that face our streams, rivers and beaches. We encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about ways you can help conserve water and help our natural environment and to support our planet.